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Empat Bulan Siltap Tak Kunjung Cair, Aparatur Desa Se-Tanggamus Grudug Gedung Pemkab

Tanggamus (JL) : D-7 ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1443 H Village officials in Tanggamus Regency protest Siltap for 4 months without payment, Monday (25/04/22)

The demonstration period was met by Assistant I for Government and Administration, Faturrahman, the protesters were asked to be patient and then asked several representatives from the village head, Kadus, Kaur, to sit together in their room.

“Patience, it’s not disbursed, it will be disbursed but not yet liquidated, I asked five representatives to sit with me in the room,” he said to the protesters in the yard of the Tanggamus Regent’s office.

During the demonstration, village heads brought ambulances, as well as yellow-footed uniforms, asking the Tanggamus district government to disburse the Village Fund Allocation (ADP) funds to pay the Fixed Income Allowance (Siltap) for village officials for four months.

In their speech in front of the Regent’s office, they conveyed several things, including the disbursement of Pekon ADP funds before Eid, asking the head of the financial agency Suhaidi to step down if he could not manage finances in the Tanggamus district. And asked to replace the APDESI official car which was damaged and unused. (genie)

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